A Safe and Peaceful Ride

April 18, 2014

DSC_0121This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Evenflo and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions and statements are my own.

We have now had Evenflo’s Platinum Symphony DLX All-in-One Car Seat for a couple of weeks and I just had to tell you that Jordi, Hubby and I are so happy! My two year-old is very independent, he knows what he likes and is not afraid to let us know! If you have been following along the last couple of weeks, Jordi is well in his Terrible Two phase. But when we hit the road, he is cocooned in his car seat and sometimes for the first time all day, I’m at ease.

Safety and comfort are priorities for us. I can’t be distracted by Jordi’s shrieks if he feels cramped. His car seat should be agreeable and Evenflo is taking safety and comfort to the next level. They have introduced a Platinum Protection Series of car seats, which feature NASA-developed Outlast® technology, a temperature regulating fabric that keeps babies and toddlers comfortable during hot and cold weather. The fabric helps to ensure a safer, more peaceful ride for both mom and child and help prevent an accident from ever happening.

Because Jordi wants to climb in to his seat on his own, Hubby and I loved that Evenflo’s Platinum Symphony DLX features Buckle Pockets that tuck the buckle tongues away. It makes it easier and safer to get a child in and out of the seats and ultimately protecting kids from hot buckle burns.

Evenflo continues to go above and beyond government standards to provide car seats that are 2X the Federal Crash Test Standard. In addition to this, this seat includes e3 Side Impact™ Protection, which is designed and tested to reduce side impact forces up to 50%.

Just look at that sweet face! Jordi, give me more of those cheeky smiles! I know this phase will soon pass and longer road trips await. We are thankful to Evenflo for providing us with a safe and comfortable ride everyday. Gracias!

Disclaimer: It is very important for all users to read the installation manual. Jordi’s chest strap was loosened for the sake of this photo shoot.  His chest strap needs to be aligned with his underarms when we drive away. 



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