A Little Homesick this Weekend

October 14, 2013

Even though it has been almost ten years since I moved from Chicago, I can’t help but feel really homesick once in a while. The holidays, the boys’ birthdays and the winter fun all start to kick in and old friends and family are not always around to celebrate with us.  With all of our moves, we have also met life-long friends who we don’t see very often either.

Nevertheless, we make the best of every situation and do a lot so our boys don’t feel lonely without their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. They are busy boys who do notice that unlike their friends, extended family is not always around. This weekend we made a quick stop to a pumpkin patch, a birthday party and attended sports as usual. I just hope they understand one day that being away is okay–as long as they always try to make new friends and reach out to their loved ones far away.

Enjoy the weekend links!

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Have a great week!

P.s. So proud of my hubby who taught Diego how to make homemade flour tortillas this weekend! Helped me feel a lot better. xoxo

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  • Reply Leticia C. October 18, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Lol! 😀 Almost fourteen years ago I moved to Colorado and lived there off and on for about ten years and I miss it like if I was born there! I know the feeling about making friends along the way. As long as we keep the lines of communication open and always talk to our children about family and distance they will be reassured on how they are united.

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