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A Healthy-Start Weekend

April 28, 2013


Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend!

It’s hard to stay on a healthy track when you live a busy life. And who doesn’t live a busy life these days? Not every week is like this but we have been out having fun and socializing the last 3 out of 4 nights! I thought about food all weekend because I just completed four days of giving up a few things for a week. I haven’t had any coffee (yikes!!) and I wasn’t supposed to have any wine, dairy, flour or sugar either. Have you heard of The Fast Metabolism Diet? I thought I’d give it a try to force me to include more of a variety of foods in our diets and to wean me away a bit from my dependency on caffeine. I have learned a lot! We had a great time so I cheated a bit but I’m already feeling better. Look out for a post on that soon!

In the mean time…food links!!! Some informative ones, some healthy, some…not-so-much. Life is short…let’s learn to balance.

What the world eats. (Wowsers!)

I want all of this! Right now.

Our Baptism and Brunch salad. Thanks Vane!

Our Baptism and Brunch basic tomato sauce.

Another awesome-looking and VERY green salad

For your next outdoor gathering, sip this.

Going to Chicago soon! Can’t wait to have this!

Sore muscles? Headaches? Natural pain remedies in your home.

Have a great week!

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  • Reply Vanessa April 29, 2013 at 11:06 pm

    I’m trying it too, with my little tweaks to it! I’ll keep you posted!!!

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