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2017: A Fresh Start for Moms?

January 6, 2017


Do you have that fresh new planner for 2017? Did you finish setting goals, picked your mantra and your new exercise regiment? Did you clean out your makeup bag and pantry? There are so many ways to get a fresh start at the beginning of each year, right? But it can also become overwhelming if you end up making too many changes! And sometimes life just gets in the way and everything you planned doesn’t quite work out so well.

I only set one new goal every year (I write it down!) and remember what I have promised in previous years. After all, shouldn’t we always build on what we learn and keep reaching to be our better selves? We have to believe that every day is a little practice to do better. Because life happens. This week I had car trouble, an eye doctor appointment, and naughty children. It all left me in no mood to do anything new.

The key is to try to be prepared at all times. I have been trying my best to always get some exercise and was already using my Pure Barre class package before the year started (inside scoop: 1st class is $10 for new clients!) I plan to implement a couple of runs, yoga and join my husband at his gym for an extra challenge. This and eating well, setting weekly goals, trying to be my best for my boys, better at my work, a better friend…all of this is on constant rotation. Never a start and end date. Let’s not wait for January 1 to start doing better.

Happy weekend and to a better next week!


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