Not as Healthy as You Think

At Whole Foods

Snack break at Whole Foods

Do you know that I have been to three different OBGYN doctors during my pregnancies in 3 different major cities (one in Japan) and not one has asked me about my diet? Not one has given me guidance on what to eat. I have also had 4 pediatricians in Tokyo, Singapore, New York City, and New Jersey and not one has asked me what I feed my children. The question has been, “are they drinking enough…about x amount of milk?” That’s it!! We have to do the asking.
I consider myself pretty healthy and educated in basic healthy eating habits for my family; I read a lot on what to buy, I watch the news…but yet, once in while I fall into a marketing trap! I realize that some people trust their local supermarkets and brands that label things as “healthy” or “low-sugar!” (heck, I trust EVERYTHING Whole Foods says). Knowledgeable friends help out and suggest different choices and articles. I recently came across an article on The Washington Post which is making the rounds right now, “5 So-Called Health Foods You Should Avoid”. People do their best in trying to eat right, some things are not so obvious and we shouldn’t be so trusting. In a nutshell, here is what Katherine Tallmadge writes: [Read more…]


Elle Decor

Please say it ain’t so! Time is questioning whether or not the color pink exists?!? “Pink, the color, is just the wishful thinking of our brain blending the red and violet wavelengths together to create the color of many little girls’ birthday parties.” Bummer. Well, in a house full of boys and definitely no let’s-see-if-we-can-have-a-girl baby #4, all the rooms in the house are neutral with a splash of bold accents. Let’s see, I threw some pink Japanese pillows in the sun room and I have a pink table runner in my dining room. The boy’s bathroom is an unfortunate 70’s pink design (pink bathtub, pink toilet…!) that I decorated in a monkey theme with browns and greens… One day, I hope to have a room just for myself; no soccer balls, no cars, no blues! Maybe a pink walk-in closet? A pink sitting room? Ooooh, a pink office!!! I found these beautiful pictures for inspiration today.

Elle Decor


I’m a girly-girl, feminine and I love pink! I also embrace the masculinity around here but I will get more creative. Whether pink exists or not, even in a house full of boys, I will make it work for us. Have you decorated a room other than a girl’s bedroom in pink? Please share!
Your Friend,

Awesome Daddy

Here is your Monday dose of image inspiration! Our very good friend Panos Lianos is an awesome dad, a Greek diplomat and an amazing photographer. We met Panos and his wife Bea at a childbirth class in Tokyo! They were also expats in Japan and they were expecting their first child, Ulises, right around the same time we were expecting Diego. It was so much fun to travel throughout Japan with the Lianos Family and Panos was always capturing unforgettable moments with his camera! Diego and Ulises are now five and we have all remained friends despite everyone’s relocation. Panos and Bea now live in Riga, Latvia (lucky Jose got to visit them while traveling for work) but we have met in London, Greece and New York City since leaving Japan. We miss them dearly and wanted to wish Ulises a happy birthday by showing off daddy’s amazing site, Panos Photography. Check it out and be inspired!
Your Friend,

I Don’t Expect You to be Perfect…

Every time I watch my boys sleep, I get a huge knot in my throat. A wave of guilt comes over me. In those few minutes I reflect on what kind of mom I was for the day and I ask myself the same questions: Why did I lose my patience? Was I a good listener? Did I engage them enough? Was I mentally present today? Almost always I think I wasn’t good enough. I sigh and whisper a promise in their ear that tomorrow I will be better. Lately, after reprimanding Diego for bad behavior, I say to him, “I don’t expect you to be perfect but I do expect you to be respectful and polite to others.” I must think about that every time I engage with my boys…just be respectful to them.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Your friend,


Pinsanity! What is going on here? Over a million people are pinning away! I have my account. I have my boards. But I have only pinned one thing! I don’t know why I can’t pin. Why am I having a hard time pinning?!? I get a notification that a friend is following me on Pinterest, I go and follow them back, I look around and…I get distracted! Just like I did 5 minutes ago! Now I find myself writing instead of pinning! Here is my take on why everyone loves it. [Read more…]

Uh oh, Better Make That Appointment!

You better believe that the minute I read this New York Times piece, “Preschoolers in Surgery for a Mouthful of Cavities”, I ran to the phone and made that overdue dentist appointment for Diego. I also brushed his teeth myself this morning (although he does it twice on his own everyday) and I will let Santi stand on that bathroom stool he loves, climb up to the counter and brush away. I hope Diego has made it to five without any cavities, his last visit (shown in the above picture) was a year ago and I blame our move, my pregnancy, and having baby Santi for the missed appointment six months ago. I’m not going to be to hard on myself but the thought of a small child having to be treated for 12 cavities…they only have 20 teeth!!! [Read more…]

Let’s Send Him to Chicago!

Ten minutes before this picture was taken Diego was in tears. Santi, our 15 month-old, made him cry. This happens a lot in our home. Santi is demanding, a screamer and even scares me…often. So Diego ran up from the playroom in hysterics to tell me that Santi was all over his space, taking his toys and “bothering” him. He said he didn’t want Santi near him and that he couldn’t wait for his new baby brother to arrive because he was going to love him more than he loves Santi. Oh brother. Literally. I told him to relax and like past conversations we have had, I explained all the benefits and joys of having a little brother…he didn’t buy it. So I said, “Let’s just send Santi to Chicago”. Why do I say things like that? I don’t know. Yes I do. But I’m afraid to say out loud. Santi is a handful. Can’t Tita Che (my mother) deal with him for a week? I kid. Santi isn’t that bad. Anyway, Diego looked up with wide, teary eyes and whispered, “No! Don’t send him away.” Proof! Thank goodness! He does love his brother!
As we approached the playroom, I caught Santi with a look of surprise on his face. Did I just catch him listening to our conversation? He ran back to the little track Diego was working on and just started handing things to Diego as if to say, “Mommy, Diego is lying. I didn’t do anything! Look at what a great helper I am! Please don’t send me away!!” Diego continued to build his track, Santi handed over the pieces and then…miracle…they played together. Was this really happening? I ran to get my iPhone so I could take a picture and it was pure bliss…for ten minutes. No one is going to Chicago. Hmmm…what if Diego would have said, yes, send him? Oops. Even mothers say the darnest things.

Awesome Mommy

There are a lot of women I admire and there are a lot of moms out there that I want to be when I grow up. I’d like to have a regular post featuring fantastic mothers that capture the essence of womanhood, domestic divas and kick-ass world-changers. One of my closest friends, Allie Rosvold-Carpenter, is exactly that plus a mother to one year-old Charles, a designer and photographer. This mommy is one hot mommy and I want to share her on-line portfolio to prove how inspirational she is. [Read more…]

Authors in the News

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss hit the movie theaters this weekend! It makes me so happy to see books made into productions for the big screen! BUT…Diego refuses to go the movies (a mother from Diego’s school taught me to embrace all of Diego’s peculiar decisions…more on that on another post)!!! There must have been conversations at school last week about The Lorax and the movies because Diego was all over it…except he didn’t want to go see the movie so we went to the bookstore instead. [Read more…]

Showing Appreciation

We are finally done with celebrating Diego’s birthday! It seemed like I have had space theme on my mind for over two months! We received our custom made thank you cards from Tiny Prints and Diego and I took the time to show a little appreciation to everyone that made his day extra special.

Our kids are very blessed and really have a lot of toys, books, clothes…you name it! I have been thinking lately that we need to continue to send a message of gratitude. I decided to write out the thank you cards, but Diego read them, signed each one and decorated the envelopes on his own. It was a fun little activity that reminded him of the friends he doesn’t get to see often. We talked about what happened two weeks ago and it was all a littler reminder for him to take the time to appreciate all the things he has…lucky boy.