12 Ways To Take Action After Trump’s First Week in Office

January 30, 2017

We Are Defined By Our Actions Toward Others Not Others Actions Toward Us

Last Saturday, I went to the Women’s March in Trenton, New Jersey. I was inspired, pumped, and ready to do something. I emailed Wind of the Spirit, a resource center for immigrants and our town’s Diversity Committee to offer my time to volunteer. Then last week happened. I watched the news and my Facebook feed in disbelief. I felt small and still wanted to see what else we could do as a family. Last night I texted or emailed a few friends to see how they were feeling and if they had any suggestions for people who could be feeling like me. Everyone responded. Some within minutes. Some were visibly anxious, everyone was honest and others tried to make me laugh (it worked!) I wanted to share their actions and ideas with my readers because I know so many are feeling confused and overwhelmed. I hope this inspires you to take some sort of action.

Here’s what they said:

1. “Social media is a microphone for all mothers and women of all walks of life. We’re setting aside fear of trolls, materialism, mindless social media scrolling and coming together to use our platform to focus on social justice. Our goal is for moms to partake in social media political activism. We want to promote peaceful and open dialogue with the intent of listening and respecting each others views. We are in unprecedented times and we have to break the silence. #MomsAgainstTheSilence” -Friend in Wisconsin (Mommy in Milwaukee)

2. “We are setting up a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. We are also curling up in the fetal position and eating pints of ice cream.” -Friend in New Jersey

3. “This holiday season, in lieu of giving gifts to one another, we all donated to various groups we felt would be helpful, including the ACLU. Last night, we decided setting up a monthly contribution to them was imperative in these terrifying times. We have always sponsored responsible media. We have subscriptions and have a monthly donation set up for NPR. We are also thinking of buying a subscription to the Washington Post. I think we are going to the March for Science.” -Friend in New Jersey

4. “My church has been talking about starting up an ESL program. So I set up a meeting for this week with one of the priests to get this started.” -Friend in New Jersey

5. “I’ve been calling my senators and representatives. I have been telling all my friends to do the same. I’m being very careful where I get my news and I’m trying to keep my family and myself healthy. There’s a long road ahead and we can’t fall apart in the first week. Hug your kids, learn a craft, read a book, freshen up on your history, go to yoga and be kind to yourself.” -Friend in Chicago

6. “We have been planning to move to Colombia for some time and we made our final decision on November 8th. We are moving in August. Until then, I plan to attend the Tax March April 15 in DC, I attended the Woman’s March in DC, and I’m open to attending additional marches. I am signing every petition possible.” -Friend in New York

7. “I’m sending postcards to our legislators to make sure this movement goes on. Women in my neighborhood are hosting postcard parties to keep message going and to keep legislators accountable.” -Friend in New Jersey

8. “We are so scared.We are donating to organizations such as The National Council of La Raza, ACLU and Water Protector Legal Collective. I have been writing to our senators and congressman. I talk to my kids everyday about what is wrong with Trump’s policies.” -Friend in New Jersey

9. “I have been making it a point to log onto Fox News and look at Facebook posts of friends who voted for Trump. We need to understand what all people are hearing and saying.” -Friend in New Jersey

10. “I am getting involved to meet and campaign with local lawmakers and influencers. I am marching for those who are being affected and I am seeking out an organization to which I will donate. Lastly, I applied to a mentor program focusing on guidance and support for young women. ” -Friend in New York

11. “I’m working hard to remain centered, peaceful and present with my son. Modeling kindness. In addition to marching, making calls and signing petitions.” -Friend in New Jersey

12. “I’m upping my already monthly donation to the ACLU. I attended a protest yesterday and I’ll see if I’m needed again to protest this week. I’m attending an action group. We will rally.” -Friend in California

Do you have other ideas? Feel free to share in the comments below. 



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