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The 12 Cs: Life Tools to Thrive

September 26, 2016


My boys and I are loving The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta by Gretchen Burman. When I met Gretchen a couple of months ago, I practically begged her to let me write a blog post about her book. As a former teacher, when I see others share parenting tips that are clearly working for them, I feel the need to learn more, apply it, and pass the info along to others.

When Gretchen Burman was expecting her first baby, she was sitting in a restaurant and watched a young lady acting extremely inappropriate. Gretchen was surprised to see so much public display of affection at the table right next to her! She asked herself many questions. She wanted to make sure she would a raise a daughter who would think before making certain decisions. Gretchen identified 12 qualities that she thought were fundamental in raising happy, mindful and successful children. After experiencing the benefits of the 12 Cs with her family, Gretchen decided to write a book/workbook to help the 12 Cs reach other families. Her book quickly became adapted into a Life Tools program. I hear she is a wondeful speaker!

Gretchen Burman’s company, Character U, offers a social emotional learning approach that teaches young children the life tools to thrive in today’s world. Children explore 12 guiding principles, The 12 Cs, that build both inner strengths and positive mindset skills to help them be their best – for themselves and their communities.

There are several ways she brings The 12 Cs to kids:
The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta book
Author Visits
Elementary school workshops
Parent-child workshops
In-home workshops
Parent Meetings

The 12 Cs approach brings awareness of these life skills to young kids so they can be reinforced throughout childhood. Participants leave the programs with tools and tips to continue integrating The 12 Cs.

A few of the 12 Cs are:
Confident, Courageous, Choices, Compassion, and Charity…

To learn more about her programs and find availability, visit We have the book and whenever I feel like we need to have a discussion about a certain topic such as fear, I look up the chapter that will help them understand courage. It’s a great guide for parents and I will continue to recommend it!

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